Tender Information

Section: T-II
Tender No 51036
Tender Type: A      ( A-Advertised, C-Casual )
Due Date/Time: 12/09/2019 09:00
Tender Document Fees: Rs. 200/-
Earnest Money Deposit: Rs. 4000/-
Tender Validity: 10/03/2020 00:00
Bid Begin Date: 23/08/2019 11:00
Bid End Date: 10/09/2019 23:59
Pre-Qualification Opening Date: 11/09/2019 09:00
Matching Start Date: 12/09/2019 10:00
Matching End Date: 16/09/2019 23:59
Please quote the rates against the undermentioned item(s). which you are prepared to supply & deliver at stores, subject to the Terms and conditions attached here.

This tender will be opened on the "Due Date and Time" mentioned above.
Item No. : 1 

Item No: 1
Folio: 1048189
Description: ENGINE OIL SAE 15W40, API CI4 PLUS
Qty To Be Procured : 1470.00 LITRE(S)
Brand : SHELL,CASTROL,BPCL,       Equivalent
Detailed Specification: Specification :- SAE 15W40, API CI4 Plus as per SS 6576.
Apperance :- Bright & Clear
Viscosity grade :- SAE 15W40
Minimum Performance Guarantee :- 25000 Kms.
Standard Packing :- 210 Liters in New barrels
Test certificate :- It is manadatory to submit Test certificate for Physico-Chemical properties, Viscosity grade & Additive element analysis with Technical bid & along with each supplied lot.
Instructions to Tenderer: 1. Only OEM/ Auth. Dealers of OEM to TATA Motors for the tendered item should quote.

2. The tenderers are requested to accept all Undertaking's Technical & Commercial conditions in TOTO.

3. The tenderers are requested to note that this tender is invited with two-Bid tendering system. In the
Pre-qualification Criteria, there are few mandatory criteria. The tenderer shall have to fulfil the
mandatory criteria failing which, their offer will be considered as non-responsive and their price bids
shall not be opened. As regards non-mandatory criteria, the tenderer has to fill up or upload the
information, if any.

4. The Contract Validity Period shall be 9 months from the date of Technical Bid.

5. The Brands recommended by TATA MOTORS only such as CASTROL-Rx Super Turbo 15W40, BPCL-Mak Tata Motors,
SHELL-Shell Rimula T4 15W40, etc. OR equivalent shall be cosidered.

6. The delivery shall be 'As and When Required' basis.

7. The tenderers are requested to go through the User Guide as well as Special Technical Terms &
Conditions, Conditions of Tender and Conditions of Supply displayed on the Undertaking's official
e-tendering website: https://www.bestetender.com.

8. Tenderers shall quote unconditionally firm prices. Sample/prototype/lot inspection caluse is not
applicable to this tender.

Important Note: The tenderer is requested to upload credential form, tender related documents, technical specifications, drawings, etc. through e-tendering system as per the requirements of Pre-qualification criteria. Hard copies of credential form, tender related documents, technical specifications, drawings, etc. or by any other mode shall not be entertained.