Procurement of Talking Devices Request for quotation

Reference: RFQ/2021/21415
Beneficiary country(ies): Nigeria
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 08-Jun-2021
Deadline on: 22-Jun-2021 11:00 0.00

Tender description: Purchase and Delivery of Talking Devices for UNMAS Nigeria


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G  -  Business, Communication & Technology Equipment & Supplies
43000000  -  Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications
43190000  -  Communications Devices and Accessories
43191500  -  Personal communication devices
New clarification added: Clarification from SupplierThe technical specification states Talking Devices with several specifications. However, there is need to know if the device is for:1.  Disabled persons2.  Age3.  Sample picturesClarification ResponseThe device will be distributed in points where communities gather usually, they are not specifically for disable people and they will be heard from all ages of populations at risk.Thank You

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New clarification added: Clarification from SupplierIs there a requirement to prreload any message on the device?Clarification ResponseDear Graham Mandizha,We need a vendor that can also upload the recorded messages once they are ready. We will take care of elaborating and recording the messages, the vendor must only upload it in the devices so they cannot be modified afterwards by people using them.Thank you

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