PUBLIC BID – Slickline & Well Measurement Services on Block 2/05 Platforms


article by: AFernandes at: 31st Aug 2021 under: Concursos / Bids

SOMOIL – Sociedade Petrolífera Angolana, SA, as Operator of the Block 2/05 located at sea, approximately 20 km from the Angolan coast, and of the FS and FST Associations located in the Congo Basin Land Zone, Soyo Municipality, Zaire Province, hereby announces its intention to hold a public bid for the Slickline & Well Measurement Services on Block 2/05 Platforms in the Angolan Offshore, Soyo Municipality.

Companies interested in the above-mentioned bid must express interest within 15 business days counted from the date of publication of this announcement by sending an e-mail to the electronic addresses quoted below, mentioning the bid’s reference up on which wishes to participate and follow the instructions subsequently received.

The electronic addresses to submit the application are the following: and, indicating the reference SML/BLK02-05/CP-05/2021 and the service description.

The e-mail should contain the following minimum requirements:
• Company Name;
• Social Object;
• Postal address (including NIF – tax number);
• Company Cover Letter with description of the work team and equipment (workforce, software, patents, etc.);
• 8 Years evidence of Slickline & Well Measurement Services provided in the Oil&Gas Industry;
• Evidence with a detailed description of the last 2 similar contracts, executed in Angola over the last 7 years;
• E-mail and telephone contact of the Company and the person in charge of the project.

The applicant must ensure that it receives a response by email, to its intent within 10 business days (within the deadline above mentioned).


NB.: Announcement published in the Jornal de Angola Newspaper on August 30th and 31st, 2021.