Basic Information

Reference Number


Issuing Organization

Bowen Island Municipality

Solicitation Type

NOI - Notice of Intent (Informal)

Solicitation Number

NOI# 20-01


Fire Hall and Emergency Operations Centre Building

Source ID




British Columbia

Purchase Type

Not Stated



2020/10/15 09:21:00 AM EDT

Closing Date

2020/10/26 05:00:00 PM EDT

Contact Information



Notice is hereby given by the Bowen Island Municipality of its intent to direct award a fixed price contract for the following service:

Fire Hall and Emergency Operations Centre Building

Work to be carried out by Liberty Contract Management Ltd.

The anticipated term of the contract is from November 1, 2020 and is not to exceed $3,600,000 in total potential value.

The Bowen Island Municipality has chosen not to re-tender the contemplated contract for the following reasons:

1. The September 2019 tender process yielded unfavourable responses that were significantly higher than available project budget.
2. The prospective contractor is able to meet project scope with a reasonable increase to project budget and within Bowen Island Municipality’s timeline.
3. Public perception that the project has been delayed and will not be complete.

Vendors wishing to object to this decision must contact the Bowen Island Municipality by email on or before 2:00 PM (PST) on Monday, October 26, 2020 presenting in writing, specific reasons for their objection, including detailed information on how their services meet or exceed the direct award reasons stated above. Vendors providing an objection must provide information to support relevant experience and ability to provide the described services for the same or better price. This information will be key in considering the validity of an objection.

Where objections are not received on or before the deadline stated above, or where objections made are not substantiated, the Bowen Island Municipality will continue to undertake direct award as outlined within this NOI.

Disclaimer All amendments to the associated notice, including amended documents, plans and specifications (where applicable), are issued by the originator of the notice. MERX asks you to contact the buying agency directly for these amendments. MERX stipulates that potential bidders may also be required to register with the buying authority as a bidder/plan taker. The contact information can be found within the main tender document and/or on this notice abstract. 

Toutes les modifications associées à cet avis d’appel d’offres ainsi que les documents, les plans et les spécifications sont générés par l’entité responsable des achats (l’acheteur).  S’il vous plait, contactez-le directement pour les addenda. Veuillez notez  qu’il se peut que les fournisseurs  soient obligés de s’inscrire directement avec l’acheteur. Vous pouvez trouver leur coordonnées dans le document principal ou dans l’abstrait de l’avis d’appel d’offre.

Source:  Bowen Island Municipality