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Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

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Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

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RFQ - Request for Quote (Informal)

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Request for Quotation EX03 Water Quality Sonde

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Broader Public Sector (BPS)



Canada, Ontario, Hamilton-Niagara Peninsula

Delivery Point

250 Thorold Road West, 3rd Floor
Welland, Ontario
Canada L3C 3W2



2020/11/20 01:48:13 PM EST

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Not Available

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2020/11/25 12:00:00 AM EST

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Closing Date

2020/11/27 02:00:00 PM EST

Contact Information

Eric Gervais

9053287171 ext. 223


Quantity of 2:

EX03 Water Quality Sonde
Must include the following sensors:
1) Sondes shall be equipped with a Central Wiper;
2) Sondes shall include a Conductivity (wiped) senor;
3) Sondes shall include a Temperature sensor;
4) Sondes shall include a Dissolved Oxygen sensor;
5) Sondes shall include a pH sensor;
Sondes shall include a Turbidity sensor.

Delivered to:

Niagara Peninsual Conservation Authority 
250 Thorold Road West 3rd Floor
Welland, Ontario
L3C 3W2

Pricing must be provided in Canadian funds, inclusive of all applicable duties and taxes except for HST.

See attachement.


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Electronic Bid Submission


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upload or email your submission before November 27th, 2020 @ pm